(Not) yet another gangster rapper

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(Not) yet another gangster rapper

When I am introduced to new music or bands, it is always because a friend or relative of mine present it to me. I am not too outgoing when it comes to researching for new interesting artists. So, when the sources of inspiration has dried out I tend to go back in time and re-listen to the music I did like in the eighties, nineties, or zeroes.

In the past decades, several genres have visited my ears. In 1996 I started listening to hip-hop. As I recall, I did probably waste a lot of time on west-side-till-we-die hip-hop. However, ever since I was introduced to acts like Common, Gangstarr, and A Tribe Called Quest, I’ve had a passion for the genre and I would like to introduce you to some of the acts that did (and still do) make an impression on me, and also one act that I have become acquainted with recently:

Firstly, the producer team JR&PH7 from Cologne. They excel in extremely well produced hip-hop featuring some of the most skilled rappers from the US, like L.E.G.A.C.Y, Evidence, Elzhi, Sean Price, Oddisee and Termanology. One of my favorite tracks from the latest album (The Update) is this one:

JR & PH7 feat. Evidence and L.E.G.A.C.Y. -Bow Down_ by JRandPH7

Secondly, Cunnin Lynguists from Kentucky. I dig this track!

I’ll never grow tired of this last track! I always listen to Camp Lo when the sun starts shining in Spring. Awesome and old-school video:

Thats it! If you by any chance can recommend hip-hop acts I need to check out, please let me know.. Cheers